The Effectiveness of Mentoring Cadres in Baby Care in Blang Bintang Sub-District, Aceh Besar, Indonesia

Anita Anita


Introduction: A number of babies born in Aceh were 100,365 people in 2018. About 1,189 babies were declared dead. One of the ways to reduce mortality is that a cadres mentoring program has been carried out in rural villages. Purpose: To understand the effectiveness of cadre mentoring on baby care in Blang Bintang Sub-District, Aceh Besar District. Methods: The method of this study was a cross-sectional design. The population was 205 of the infants in Blang Bintang sub-district in 2018. Samples were infants <12 months according to inclusion criteria, as many as 50 respondents. Data analysis using descriptive analysis, Chi-Square test and logistic regression test, with a 95% confidence interval. Results: Mentoring cadres was effective in baby care. There was a consistently significant relationship between the effectiveness of cadre assistance to infant care with a p-value of 0.048. The results of statistical tests showed that the existence of cadre mentoring provides effective results in improving infant care (CI = 1.17-12.19 ). Babies who got cadre assistance had a 3.77 times chance of getting better care compared to babies who don't get assistance. Conclusion: Cadre assistance is very effective for baby care and health promotion for mothers. Cadre assistance could also increase knowledge, provide health information, reducing infant and toddler morbidity and mortality.

Keywords: Infants care, Cadres mentoring, Indonesia


Infants Care, Cadres Mentoring, Indonesia

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