Design of Chlorinator Using Submersible Pump with Solar Cell for Flowing Water Disinfection

Sujangi Sujangi, Rusmiati Rusmiati, Beny Suyanto


The group of PAMSIMAS (rural clean water maintenance) in Panekan Village, Panekan Sub-District, Magetan District, uses water resource in 2 – 2.2 l/s with an easy polluted water resource preservation; The result of E Coli examination in the water resource in Panekan Village (240 E Coli germs in 100 ml/sample) is positive. This research aimed to create a chlorinator design performance using solar cell energy submersible pump to disinfect the flowing water with an appliance which can overcome the mentioned problem. This experimental research was using a method of creating chlorinator containing chlorine disinfectant and analyzing the performance the chlorinator applying 3 various distance (0 m, 500 m, 1000 m) and chlorinator A and B. The result of the research was: the need of chlorine was 185 g/day in 1 l/s water rate of the water resource. The performance of chlorinator: solar cell, circuit control mechanical box cell, voltage stabilizer, circuit cable, 1 unit chlorine tub for each, 6 units 12 volt batteries. submersible pump 3 watt (chlorinator A) and 6 watt (chlorinator B). The performance of chlorinator A, in a various distance of 0m, 500m and 1000m, respectively: chlorine residue: 0.58 ppm; 0.50 ppm; 0.2 ppm; E coli bacteria: 0; 0; 2 per 100 ml/sample; temperature: 25.150C; 26.140C; 25.150C; pH: 7.14; 7.09; 7.04. The performance of chlorinator B in a various distance of 0 m, 500 m and 1000m, respectively: Chlorine residue: 0.62 ppm; 0.49 ppm; 0.18 ppm; E coli bacteria: 0; 0; 1.3 per 100 ml sample; temperature: 25.460C; 25.99 0C; 25.31 0C; pH: 7.14; 7.08; 7.1. Overall, the result of the research fulfils the requirement of Permenkes RI 492/2010. Hopefully, needs further research to improve both the power of resistance and the performance of the instrument especially for the greater rate of water.
Keywords: Chlorinator, Chlorine, Water resource, E coli

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