Chrome Hole Dermatitis Due to Work Habit of Electroplating Workers in Candi, Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Abdul Hakim Zakkiy Fasya, M. Farid D. Lusno, Setya Haksama


Objectives: Electroplating industry using hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) for main ingredient to metal plating. Chromium when contact with skin can cause dermatitis. This study aimed to analyze chrome-hole dermatitis on electroplating workers due to their work habit in one of electroplating industry in Sidoarjo. Methods: This is a qualitative descriptive study using cross sectional design. Data was collected by questionnaire, observation sheet, interview guides and diagnosis sheet. Using the total population of 10 respondents working on electroplating industry in Sidoarjo. The work habits are age, work division, working period and using of PPE. Results: Chrome hole dermatitis are occurs to workers at all age range (0.225), only occurs to coating works division (0.632), mostly occurs to workers with more than 5 years working period (0.650), and using of PPE are not much help (0.343). Conclusions: The incidence of chrome-hole dermatitis in the electroplating industry occurs to workers with coating work division and more than 5 years working period. Suggestions: Electroplating industry’s owner and government of Sidoarjo should pay more attention to work division of coating and long period workers in order to minimize the health effect of chromium in electroplating workers.

Keywords: Work habit, Workers, Electroplating, Dermatitis

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