Endhorpin Massage and Pregnancy Exercise as a Method to Relieve Lower Back Pain in Trimester III Pregnant Women

Yusni Podungge


Pregnancy is a happy thing for every husband and wife but sometimes complaints arise during pregnancy, one of them that is very annoying is back pain problems when pregnant. Back pain when pregnant is usually experienced by women in certain time of the pregnancy, usually happens often in trimester 3 pregnancy. The purpose of this research is to know the difference of pregnancy exercise effectiveness with endhorpin message to decrease in lower back pain in trimester III pregnancy at Sipatana Public Health Center. This research type was quasi experiment by using the method of pre and post test with two group design. The total samples were 30 people. The result of bivariate analysis was pregnancy exercise (p = 0.000) and endhorpin message (p = 0.000) which (p<0.05), so that there was an effect of doing pregnancy exercise and endhorpin message to decrease in lower back pain in Trimester III pregnancy. The difference of effectiveness between pregnancy exercise and endhorpin massage is (p = 0.042), so that there is a significant difference between doing pregnancy exercise and back massage to decrease in lower back pain in trimester III pregnancy at working area of Sipatana Public Health Center. It is expected that Trimester III pregnant women can apply pregnancy exersice and back massage in order to be healthy especially decrease lower back pain in pregnancy.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Endhorpin, Massage, Lower back



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33846/hn30402


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