Moderate Intensity Exercise is Most Influential in The Expression of UCP-1 in Mice Male

Chabib Fachry Albab, Purwo Sri Rejeki, Muhammad Miftahussurur, Soebagijo Adi Soelistijo


Sufficient exercise was considered enough to reduce the number of obesities through the process of fat browning. This research was conducted to prove the effect of exercise intensity on fat browning process through increased UCP-1 expression in male mice. Laboratory experimental research with a post test only control group design approach using 24 mice was divided into 4 groups. Determination of the group was based on the negative control group, mild intensity swimming treatment group, moderate intensity swimming treatment group, and heavy intensity swimming treatment group. The treatment was carried out for four weeks with a frequency of three times a week. The control group had UCP-1 expression of 5.47 ± 0.83 IRS / LP, the mild intensity swimming group had UCP-1 expression of 7.23 ± 1.57 IRS / LP, the moderate intensity swimming group had UCP-1 expression of 9.17 ± 1.65 IRS / LP, and the heavy intensity swimming group had an expression of 6.93 ± 1.42 IRS / LP. The giving of exercise intensity variation affects the expression of UCP-1 in male mice. Moderate intensity exercise has the highest UCP-1 expression.

Keywords: exercise intensity; UCP-1; male mice


UCP-1; fat browning; exercise

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