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The puerperium is the period after giving birth to 6 weeks or 42 days, the puerperium is inseparable from the breastfeeding period, where it is very necessary to prevent breastfeeding problems through health education about breastfeeding, in order to achieve the goals achieved by midwifery care. childbirth. This research means experimental research with a quasi-experimental pretest design with a control class design. Sampling using simple random sampling technique. The sample size was 60 postpartum mothers which were divided into two groups, namely the hegemonic group and the control group. the intervention group was treated with the focus group discussion method, while the control group used the lecture method by health workers at the Puskesmas. The analysis used was univariate analysis and bivariate analysis, namely the Wilcoxon test and Mann Whitnney u.

                that will occur in data analysis using the Wilcoxon test obtained a knowledge value of p = 0.000 (p <0.005), a behavioral value of p = 0.000 (p <0.05), indicating an influence before and after the buzz group discussion method. In the control group, the knowledge value was p=0.0242 (p>0.005), the attitude value was p=0.0147 (p>0.005), which shared that the expository method had no effect on mother's knowledge and behavior. the Mann Whitney u test produced a knowledge value of p = 0.00 (p <0.05) and a behavior value of p = 0.00 (p <0.05), which gave a difference in knowledge and attitude after completing health counseling using the discussion method tinnitus group.


keywords: Buzz Discussion group, Breast Care




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