Sorgum Agar (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) as Substitute Nutrient Agar Media for Cultivation Escherichia coli

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Media (nutrient agar) is a medium that is often used for bacteriological examinations and the price is relatively more expensive, Sorghum bicolor L. Moench. materials that are easy to get, cheap. Sorghum contains carbohydrates and protein which are suitable for manufacturing agar nutrientsThis research is an experimental quantitative analysis laboratory. The research used Sorghum bicolor L. Moench flour as carbohydrates and proteins in Nutrient Agar media. This study used variations in the mass of sorghum flour 2.50 grams, 3.75 grams, 5.00 grams, and 6.25 grams. The average number of bacterial colonies at mass variations was 2.50 grams, 3.75 grams, 5.00 grams, and 6.25 grams, namely 70.75 × 1013 CFU / mL, 60.75 × 1013 CFU / mL, 49, 25 × 1013 CFU / mL, and 42 × 1013 CFU / mL with significant differences in the value of P = 0.000 or <α = 0.05. 5.00 gram sorghum flour yields almost the same colony count as Nutrie Media for manufacturing as the gold standard. Conclusion 5 grams of sorghum flour can be used as an alternative media for nutrition and protein in Nutrient agar for Manufacturing.


sorghum bicolor l; moenchnutrient agar media; escherichia coli


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