Analysis of Factors Associated with the Risk of Mortality of Covid-19 Patients

Ning Arti Wulandari


Covid-19 has become a global pandemic. In Indonesia, on April 10, 2020, there were 3,512 positive cases, 282 people recovered, and 306 people died, with a mortality rate of 9.1%. East Java is the highest contributor to the death rate in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to identify factors associated with the mortality of Covid-19 patients. The design of this study uses correlation with a total sample of 1,494 respondents; the sampling technique used the Consecutive. The research uses study data from medical record data from March 2020 to September 2021. The bivariate analysis using Chi-Square Test and univariate followed by Binary Logistic Regression analysis to evaluate the association between risk factors and mortality. The results showed a relationship between age and mortality of Covid-19 patients (P value = 0.000), there was a relationship between gender and mortality of Covid-19 patients. (P value = 0.025) and there is a relationship between cormobid and cormobid classification and mortality of Covid-19 patients (P value = 0.000). The main risk factor of mortality was the presence of comorbidities with a value (p = 0.005; OR = 1,494; 95% CI = 1.132-1.071). The second factor was age with a value (p=0.000; OR=1.419; 95% CI=1.308 – 1.540).

Risk factors associated with mortality for patients with Covid-19 in the hospital included advanced age, presence of comorbid and gender. Risk factors of mortality were the presence of comorbidities and age.



Keywords: age, gender, cormobid, mortality, covid-19


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