Effectiveness of A Combination of Ergonomic Exercise Therapy and Deep Breathing Relaxation to Reduce Muscle Pain (Myalgia) in Unskilled Workers (Dock Laborers) in Bima Port, Bima City in 2018

Kurniadi Kurniadi, Ana Triana Wulandari, Julhana Julhana


Myalgia was a muscle pain associated with overused muscles, get excessive load, and muscle injury due to sports or daily activities. According to WHO, patients with Myalgia in Indonesia reach 81% of the population, only 24% go to the doctor, while 71% tend to consume over-the-counter painkillers. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a combination of ergonomic exercise therapy and deep breathing relaxation to decrease muscle pain (myalgia) in unskilled workers (dock laborers) in Bima Dock.
The research was Quasy Experimental design. The sample of this study are dock laborers and found 44 people as samples. The analysis in this study was univariate and bivariate analysis with 95% confidence interval or p value of  <0.05. Normality test of data using Shapiro Wilk and Bivariate analysis using Wilcoxon method.
The results of this study reveal that characteristic pain of respondents before treatment showed moderate pain are 37 respondents (84,1%). While characteristic pain of respondents after treatment are 32 respondents (72,7%) mild pain. Based on the results of Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test analysis, obtained Z value is -5,444 with p value of 0,000 which is less than the research critical limit (0,05) so Ho is rejected and Ha was accepted, which means that there is an effect of treatment on decreasing Myalgia pain scale in a dock laborers in Bima City.
The conclusion of this study was a combination of ergonomic exercise and deep breathing relaxation has a significant and effective effect on myalgia pain reduction in dock laborers with p value of 0.005 (<0.005). This result was recommended to the public, especially those who experience muscle pain or muscle tension to apply this therapy as a non-pharmacological therapy to reduce chemical drugs use.

Keywords: ergonomic exercise, deep breathing relaxation, myalgia


ergonomic exercise, deep breathing relaxation, myalgia


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33846/hn.v2i9.383


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