Cleaning Officers’ Behavior in Waste Management According to The Standards of Accreditation in X Jember Hospital

Carri Noer Fida Yanik, Dwi Wahyuni, Dewi Rokhmah


Waste management is very important especially in hospitals. Hospital waste management must be done properly and correctly so that it can be prevented from diseases caused by waste that will be felt by all residents of the hospital. The purpose of this study was to analyze factors related to the behavior of cleaning officers in waste management in X Jember Hospital. The research design used was cross sectional. The results showed that age, education, years of service, knowledge and supervision were related to the behavior of cleaning officers in waste management with p value of <0.05. The results also showed that gender, attitudes and facilities were not related to cleaning officer's behavior in waste management in X Hospital. The test results of the most related factors to cleaning officer's behavior were supervision or control from the hospital management. Improvements that can be made to improve the behavior of cleaning officers is by increasing management supervision by conducting inspections at least twice a week and providing education to all the cleaning officers on the proper management of waste.

Keywords: Management, Waste, Supervision


Waste, CManagement, Supervision

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