Psycho Religious in Nursing Care on DM Type 2 Patients Towards Depression and Blood Sugar Reduction

Miadi Miadi, Kastudi Kastubi, Minarti Minarti, Noer Saudah, Chasiru Zainal Abidin


Effort to reduce depression and blood sugar levels through psycho religious of dzikir and shalawat was not carried out much yet. Research aims to explain psycho religious therapy effects towards depression and blood sugar level in Diabetes Mellitus type 2 patients (DM Type 2). This research used experimental method with randomized pre test post test control group design. This research was carried out on DM type 2 patients in Surabaya and they had been selected into two groups, given psycho religious group and control group. Blood sugar and depression measurement was carried out one week after and before psycho religious giving. Analysis data used Mann Whitney U test. While blood sugar concentration was analyzed using Paired t-test and Independent t-test. There was an effect of psycho religious towards depression of DM Type 2 patients, significant value of 0.004 (p<0.05) and towards blood sugar level of patients, significant value of 0.474. DM type 2 patients who got psycho religious therapy had depression reduction but not with their blood sugar levels. Psycho religious need to be carried out to prevent severe depression. Further research are needed to be conducted which focus on duration and dose of psycho religious giving.

Keywords: Psycho religious, Depression, Diabetes Mellitus, Blood sugar level

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